Imagine having a store that had no closing hours, no rent, and no lines of customers. Well that’s all possible with an Ecommerce website.

By building your site to also operate as a retail outlet, you increase your sales ability with less investment and much less work than opening another shop. Imagine having a store open 24/7 for anyone in the world to visit! That’s the advantage of an effective Ecommerce solution.




Did you know that 53% of Australian retailers don’t have an online store, with over 44% of these not planning on implementing an Ecommerce website anytime soon.

Yet 94% of the Australian population has access to the internet, with 79% going online every day and 60% multiple times a day!

9.6 million Australians shop online each year, with 88% of those expected to increase their spending online. That’s one third of the Australian population shopping for something online.


With the rise of online shopping, having an E-commerce website is a must have for any business that has a product to sell in Australia.

Contact Sifa today and let us define a clear digital strategy with an Ecommerce web solution to get your retail business online.